Radiculopathy With Dr. John Norbury
FOR REVIEW ONLY - December 2017 CME Article No. 15 : Effects of Participation in Sports Programs on Walking Ability and Endurance Over Time in Children With Cerebral Palsy
February 2018 CME Article No. 2: Alterations in the Mechanical Response of Deep Dorsal Neck Muscles in Individuals Experiencing Whiplash-Associated Disorders Compared to Healthy Controls
Fundamentals in GME with Dr. Douglas McGee
2018 AAP Annual Meeting - Attendance Certificate
Physiatry Specific EPA/OPA Project
Physiatry Essential Articles Journal Activity with Self-Assessment Exam - Volume 3
Evidence in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine: Between Facts and Prejudice
October 2018 CME Activity: Efficacy of Bedside Respiratory Muscle Training in Patients With Stroke
November 2018 CME Activity No. 11: Effects of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Walking and Balance Function after Stroke
Spasticity Series: Strategies of Spasticity Management
Spasticity Series: Spasticity from Childhood to Adulthood (Part 1)
Spasticity Series: Alternative Therapies and Pain Treatment in Spasticity Management
Spasticity Series: Controversies and New Developments
2019 AAP Annual Meeting - Attendance Certificate
March 2019 CME Activity: Effects of Video Games–Based Task-Oriented Activity Training on Patients With Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Grand Rounds: Johns Hopkins Dept. of PM&R on Optimizing Treatment Sequencing for Patients with Chronic, Non-Specific Low Back Pain
Grand Rounds UPMC: Non-Surgical Care for Low Back Pain
Grand Rounds UAB: Cerebral Palsy
Grand Rounds UPMC: Optimizing Health and Well-being for Children with Disabilities
Grand Rounds UPMC: Dysphagia and Self Feeding in Acute Tetraplegia
Grand Rounds UPMC: Management of the Bariatric Population with SCI
Wellness Programs in Adult Spina Bifida: Population Health Strategies
Grand Rounds UPMC: Human Brain-Computer Interfaces for Sensorimotor Science and Rehabilitation
Grand Rounds UPMC: Exploring “Synergistic” Effects of Physical and Cell Therapy in Stroke
Grand Rounds UPMC: Emerging Foot and Ankle Surgical Procedures
Grand Rounds: UC Denver series on PM&R
July 2019 CME Activity: Early Functional Outcomes for Pediatric Patients Diagnosed with Anti–N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Encephalitis
August 2019 CME Activity: Comparing Assessments of Physical Functional Independence in Older Adults With Mobility Limitations
Grand Rounds from Johns Hopkins Dept. of PM&R on Aerobic Exercise at the Core of Rehabilitation Medicine
November 2019 CME Activity: Caloric Intake Relative to Total Daily Energy Expenditure Using a Spinal Cord Injury–Specific Correction Factor: An Analysis by Level of Injury
December 2019 CME Activity: Correlation Between Neurologic Impairment Grade and Ambulation Status in the Adult Spina Bifida Population
January 2020 CME Activity: Weekend Admission to Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities Is Associated With Transfer to Acute Care in a Nationwide Sample of Patients With Stroke
2020 AAP Annual Meeting - Attendance Certificate
February 2020 CME Activity: Compensation Strategies in Response to Fatiguing Propulsion in Wheelchair Users Implications for Shoulder Injury Risk
Podcast on Demand: Current Challenges/Opportunities for the Disability Community Internationally
March 2020 CME Activity: Pediatric Rehabilitation Therapies Differ in Intensity A Pilot Study to Highlight the Implications for Dose-Response Relationships
April 2020 CME Activity: The Relationship Between Multiple Sclerosis Symptom Severity Measures and Performance on Driving Variability Metrics in a Virtual Reality Simulator
Virtual Didactic - Pharmacotherapy in mTBI presented by Mary Alexis Iaccarino, MD
Virtual Didactic - Autonomic Dysreflexia in SCI presented by Ryan Solinsky, MD
Virtual Didactic - Sideline & Early Concussion Management presented by Mary Alexis Iaccarino, MD
Virtual Didactic - Shoulder Pain as a Metaphor for Evidence-Based Medicine presented by Ameet Nagpal, MD
Virtual Didactic - Chronic Complications of SCI presented by Margaret Jones, MD
Virtual Didactic - Quantifying Risk in Interventional Spine Procedures presented by Byron Schneider, MD
Virtual Didactic - Stroke Syndromes presented by Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, MD
Virtual Didactic - Rehabilitation of Parkinson's Disease Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic presented by Mark Hirsch, PhD
Virtual Didactic-Growing up with Cerebral Palsy presented by Edward Hurvitz, MD
Virtual Didactic - Achilles Tendinopathy: From Basic Tendon Concepts to Novel Treatments presented by Stephen Schaaf, MD
Virtual Didactic - Immediate Fit, Adjustable, Lower Limb Prosthetics: Technology & Scientific Rationale presented by Timothy Dillingham, MD
Virtual Didactic - Placebo & Nocebo: Implications for PM&R presented by Mary Alexis Iaccarino, MD
Virtual Didactic- Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Fundamentals presented by Christopher Visco, MD
Virtual Didactic -Neurosurgical Complications After TBI & Stroke presented by Nikola Dragojlovic, DO
Virtual Didactic- Safety Considerations in Cancer Rehabilitation presented by Susan Maltser, DO
Virtual Didactic- Headaches in TBI presented by Kelly Heath, MD
Virtual Didactic- How to Approach the Patient with Low Back Pain presented by Jonathan Kirschner, MD, RMSK
Virtual Didactic- Hip Pain in the Athlete presented by Mindy Loveless, MD
Virtual Didactic- Knee Osteoarthritis: Much More than 'Wear and Tear' presented by Prakash Jayabalan, MD, PhD
Virtual Didactic- Youth Athletes with Disabilities presented by Mary Dubon, MD
Virtual Didactic- Radiculopathy or Plexopathy presented by Leslie Rydberg, MD
Virtual Didactic- Youth Sports Medicine Review: Sports Specialization & Overuse Injury presented by Emily Kraus, MD
May 2020 CME Activity: Burden and Patterns of Multimorbidity: Impact on Disablement in Older Adults
Virtual Didactic- Artificial Limbs: Demystifying Prosthetic Knees presented by Rebecca Speckman, MD
Virtual Didactic- COVID-19 Rehab Strategies for Acute Hospitals presented by Andrew Haig, MD
Virtual Didactic- Wheelchair Skills Assessment & Training presented by R. Lee Kirby, MD
Virtual Didactic- ASIA Exam presented by Jesse Lieberman, MD
Virtual Didactic - Interventions for the Sacroiliac Joint Complex presented by Aaron Yang, MD
Virtual Didactic- Peripheral Neuropathies of the Upper Extremity: An Ultrasound Based Approach presented by Robert Bowers, DO, PhD
Virtual Didactic - Groin Pain in Athletes Led by Zachary Bailowitz, MD
Virtual Didactic - Blades of Glory: The Story of the Scapula presented by Rex Ma, MD
Virtual Didactic - Rational Opioid Prescribing presented by: Gwynne Kirchen, MD
Virtual Didactic - Overuse Injury in Sports: Identifying & Addressing Risk Factors Led by Gerardo Miranda-Comas, MD
Virtual Didactic - TBI & Sleep presented by Sima Desai, MD
Virtual Didactic - Myofascial Pain presented by Tina Wang, MD
Virtual Didactic - Neurostimulant Use After Recovery From Traumatic Brain Injury presented by Heather Ma, MD, MS
Virtual Didactic - Pitching & The Elbow: Common Injuries presented by Jason Zaremski, MD
Virtual Didactic - Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy presented by Katherine Power, MD
Virtual Didactic - Respiratory Management After SCI presented by Jesse Lieberman, MD
Virtual Didactic - Diagnostic Ultrasound in the EDX Lab presented Shawn Jorgensen, MD
Virtual Didactic - Stroke Abbreviations presented by Nneka Ifejika, MD, MPH
Virtual Didactic - Diagnosing Posterior Pelvic Pain presented by Heidi Prather, DO
Virtual Didactic - Hospice & Palliative Medicine: Truths & Myths presented by Naomi Kaplan, MD
Virtual Didactic - Billing 101 presented by Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, MD
Virtual Didactic - Neuropharmacology in Brain Injury presented by Mary Russell, DO, MS
Virtual Didactic - Ultrasound Guided Procedures presented by Michael Schaefer, MD
Virtual Didactic - Spina Bifida presented by Maya Evans, MD
Virtual Didactic - Tendinopathy: Mechanisms of Tissue Healing & Injury presented by Asad Siddiqi, DO
Virtual Didactic - Disorders of Consciousness presented by Shanti Pinto, MD
Virtual Didactic - Choosing the Right Patient & Procedure for the Spine presented by Aaron Yang, MD
Virtual Didactic - Neuromuscular Disorders Led presented Elba Gerena-Maldonado, MD
Virtual Didactic - Injury Rehabilitation in the Acute Trauma Setting presented by Oscar Sanchez, MD
Virtual Didactic - Ehlers Danlos Syndrome presented by Neyha Cherin, DO
Virtual Didactic - MRI Evaluation of the Lumbar Spine for the PM&R Clinician presented by Rex Ma, MD
Virtual Didactic - Promoting an Advocacy Curriculum in Residency: Case Studies of Physiatry Residents in Action presented by Ellia Ciammaichella, DO, JD and Justin Bishop, MD
Virtual Didactic - Pediatric Gait with a Focus on Ambulatory Cerebral Palsy presented by Didem Inanoglu, MD
Virtual Didactic - Upper Limb Amputation Rehabilitation presented by Mary Matsumoto, MD
Virtual Didactic - EMG Plexopathy presented by Leslie Rydberg, MD
Virtual Didactic - Bell’s Palsy of the Brachial Plexus Led by Erik Ensrud, MD
Virtual Didactic - Aging, Sarcopenia & Exercise presented by Walter Frontera, MD, PhD
June 2020 CME Activity: Outcomes of Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation After Ventricular Assist Device Placement
PM&R Journal Club Smack Down: Spine Edition
July 2020 CME Activity: Factors Associated With Ambulation in Myelomeningocele: A Longitudinal Study From the National Spina Bifida Patient Registry
August 2020 CME Activity: New Guidelines for Electrical Stimulation Parameters in Adult Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis Based on a Systematic Review of the Current Literature
September 2020 CME Activity: Retrospective Analysis of Fractures and Factors Causing Ambulation Loss After Lower Limb Fractures in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
October 2020 CME Activity: Application of Fabric-type Spinal Orthosis for Flexible Neuromuscular Scoliosis: A Preliminary Study
2020 Summer Symposium Sessions
November 2020 CME Activity: Investigating the Clinical Significance and Research Discrepancies of Balance Training in Degenerative Cerebellar Disease - A Systematic Review
December 2020 CME Activity: Comparison of the 6-Min Propulsion and Arm Crank Ergometer Tests to Assess Aerobic Fitness in Manual Wheelchair Users with a Spinal Cord Injury
Medical Student Didactic - Introduction to Scales and Outcome Measures in PMR presented by Emily Kivlehan, MD
Medical Student Didactic - Rehabilitation Assessment Plan presented by Carolyn Black, MD, PhD
Medical Student Didactic - PM&R: One of the Best Kept Secrets in Medicine presented by Patrick Kortebein, MD
2021 AAP Annual Meeting - Attendance Certificate
January 2021 CME Activity Activity: Clostridium Difficile Infection Reservoirs Within an Acute Rehabilitation Environment
February 2021 CME Activity: Exploring Cancer Treatment Experiences for Patients with Pre-existing Mobility Disability
Resident Wellness Webinar: Negotiating Your Contract - What You Need to Know
March 2021 CME Activity: Biopsychosocial Factors Associated with Attention Problems in Children After Traumatic Brain Injury: A systematic review
Laura Test course
AAP/ISPRM 2020 Annual Meeting Sessions
April 2021 CME Activity: Factors Associated with Symptomatic Rotator Cuff Tears
AAP 2021 Annual Meeting Select Sessions Bundle
May 2021 CME Activity Activity: How We Assess Spatial Neglect Matters
Orthobiologics & Regenerative Medicine Series: The Basics of Regenerative Medicine presented by Allison Bean, MD, PhD
Medical Student Didactic - Spinal Cord Injury (The ASIA Exam) presented by Susan Garstang, MD
June 2021 CME Activity: The Flexor Pollicis Longus Reflex
June 2021 MSC Virtual Journal Club
Medical Student Didactic - A Primer on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Rehab Rotations presented by Benjamin Seidel, DO
June 2020 MSC Virtual Journal Club
June 2020 MSC Virtual Journal Club
August 2020 MSC Virtual Journal Club
September 2020 MSC Virtual Journal Club
November 2020 MSC Virtual Journal Club
April 2021 MSC Virtual Journal Club
May 2021 MSC Virtual Journal Club
Orthobiologics & Regenerative Medicine Series: A Practical Guide to Doing Research During Residency presented by Y. Fransoua Her, MD, Phd
Medical Student Didactic - Spine Physical Exam presented by McCasey Smith, MD
Medical Student Didactic - The Functional Evaluation presented by Annie Goldring, MD & Chris Lewis, MD
July 2021 CME Activity: Executive Function Moderates Functional Outcomes of Engagement Strategies During Rehabilitation in Older Adults
July 2021 MSC Virtual Journal Club
August 2021 MSC Virtual Journal Club
August 2021 CME Activity: Lumbar Bracing for Chronic Low Back Pain
Orthobiologics & Regenerative Medicine Series: A Practical Guide to Doing Research During Residency presented by Y. Fransoua Her, MD, Phd
September 2021 CME Activity: Relationships Between Functionality, Depression, and Anxiety with Community Integration and Quality of Life in Chronic Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
Orthobiologics & Regenerative Medicine Series: Regenerative Rehabilitation Research presented by Fabrisia Ambrosio, PhD
Orthobiologics & Regenerative Medicine Series: U.S. Marketplace for Unlicensed and Unproved Stem Cell Interventions presented by Leigh Turner, PhD
September 2021 MSC Virtual Journal Club
Mid-Year Meeting - The "Match-Ready Medical Student" Track
Mid-Year Meeting - The "Rockstar Resident/Fellow" Track
October 2021 CME Activity: Psychological, Cardiometabolic, Musculoskeletal Morbidity and Multimorbidity Among Adults with Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida: a Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study
Orthobiologics & Regenerative Medicine Series: Muscle Regeneration presented by Andrea Domenighetti, PhD
October 2021 MSC Virtual Journal Club
November 2021 CME Activity: Early Clinical Prediction of Independent Outdoor Functional Walking Capacity in a Prospective Cohort of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Patients
November 2021 MSC Virtual Journal Club
Orthobiologics & Regenerative Medicine Series: Muscle Regeneration presented by presented by Saranya Wyles, MD, PhD
December 2021 MSC Virtual Journal Club
December 2021 CME Activity: Inpatient Rehabilitation Outcomes After Severe COVID-19 Infections
January 2022 CME Activity: Efficacy of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in the Management of Neurogenic Overactive Bladder A Randomized Controlled Trial
Orthobiologics & Regenerative Medicine Series: Osteoarthritis - Using Biology to Optimize Exercise Prescription presented by Prakash Jayabalan, MD, PhD
January 2022 MSC Virtual Journal Club
February 2022 CME Activity: Personality Predictors of Time to Return to Play After Sports-Related Concussion: Analysis of Survey Data from an Undergraduate Sample
Orthobiologics & Regenerative Medicine Series: Responsible Use of Orthobiologics in Sports Medicine: 2022 Update presented by Joanne Borg-Stein, MD
March 2022 CME Activity: Clinical Factors Associated With Balance Function in the Early Subacute Phase After Stroke
February 2022 MSC Virtual Journal Club
March 2022 MSC Virtual Journal Club
April 2022 CME Activity: Who Recovers Independent Bowel Management During the First Year After a Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury? A Case-Control Study
May 2022 CME Activity: Musculoskeletal and Neurological Pain Symptoms Among Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients
June 2022 CME Activity: Cervical Spinal Lesion, Completeness of Injury, Stress, and Depression Reduce the Efficiency of Mental Imagery in People With Spinal Cord Injury
2022 AAP Annual Meeting - Attendance Certificate
July 2022 CME Activity: Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy on Spasticity After Upper Motor Neuron Injury A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
August 2022 CME Activity: Effects of Core Stabilization Exercises on Pulmonary Function, Respiratory Muscle Strength, Peripheral Muscle Strength, Functional Capacity, and Perceived Appearance in Children With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis A Randomized Controlled Trial
Navigating the Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Complications of SMA
AAMC Supplement App Discussion
September 2022 CME Activity: Physical Activity and Physical Activity Participation Barriers Among Adults 50 Years and Older During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Mid-Year Meeting 2022 - Medical Student Track
Mid-Year Meeting 2022 Resident Fellow Track
October 2022 CME Activity: Effect of Long-Term Exercise Therapy on Motor Symptoms in Parkinson Disease Patients A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials