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FOR REVIEW ONLY - December 2017 CME Article No. 15 : Effects of Participation in Sports Programs on Walking Ability and Endurance Over Time in Children With Cerebral Palsy
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Children with cerebral palsy may benefit from maintaining a high level of physical fitness similar to typically developing children especially in terms of long-term physical performance, although in practice this is often difficult. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of participation in sports programs on walking ability and endurance over time. Thirty-four persons with spinal cord injury were enrolled and investigated using continuous cardiovascular monitoring during video urodynamic studies. Associations between cardiovascular responses and video study variables were analyzed.

A retrospective cohort study included participants with cerebral palsy, aged 6 to 20 yrs, who attended a summer sports program from 2004.

The results showed significant improvements in the Timed Up and Go, modified 6-min walk distance and 25-ft walk/run over time. Children in Gross Motor Classification System level III made the largest gains.

Walking ability and endurance seem to improve after participation in an intensive summer sports programs. Higher frequency of program attendance resulted in significant improvements in the Timed Up and Go.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss the importance of physical activity at the participation level (sports programs) for children with cerebral palsy
  2. Contrast the changes in walking ability and endurance for children in Gross Motor Function Classification System level I, II, and III after sports programs
  3. Identify the impact of higher frequency of sports program attendance over time on walking ability
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